"He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician." -Chinese proverb



Ideal starting point. Especially beneficial to beginners, but also helps long time practitioners and experienced "macros".

    ~Meet up at an agreed upon health food store, explore the aisles and discuss the pros and cons of various products and foods. Introduces new ideas, sparks interest in different food/produce, and covers various needs or specific conditions you may have. 

     ~“Pantry Raid” refers to going through your kitchen, eliminating unhealthy items/ingredients and replacing them with macrobiotic/healthy items. Can be before or after shopping trip, or as separate service. 

    Fee       $25/hour


Good for a client with specific conditions, but is also good for anyone who seeks greater health. Provides a thorough review of your health history and current condition and needs as macrobiotic recommendations (diet and lifestyle) are given.

     ~Prior to the appointment, fill out the Health History Questionnaire form as complete as you can, along with pictures of face and full length body picture. 

     ~During appointment, the questionnaire is carefully reviewed. With the specific needs in mind, I complete your Personal Diet Recommendation Form which includes Food list, Recipes. 

     ~ This can be in person, phone, or online (Skype).

     ~3 free phone follow-up calls for two weeks and on-going support.

      Fee      $150 for 1.5 hours (+) or $75 for 45 mins. (Skype sessions are $100)


Follow up consultation

     Fee       $125 for 1 hour (+)

Shopping trips can also be applied to Ongoing Coaching.

*Discounts for seniors, students, military families, etc., group rates, and reasonable pricing given when applicable.