Debra Coldsmith 
I remember the first time I saw Janine – it was at the Kushi Institute the summer of 2011. I was at KI for a wee- long class and she was working there.  She appeared outside of our classroom, involved in some type of cleaning task, singing to herself with her headphones on, completely unaware of the class that could see her.  And I thought to myself – what a happy, joyous young lady, what great approach to any work; I’d like to know more about her.   A few days later she overheard me telling another classmate that I was dealing with quitting smoking cravings and without hesitation, she handed me with a book of herbal remedies and gave me lots of great feedback about dealing with addictions… all done with a radiating smile of joy & love. We have stayed in touch since my time at KI. Last year I was lucky enough to do a consultation with her.
Janine is a wonderful listener, a caring soul, and a great ambassador of the Macrobiotic approach to health. Her enthusiasm for and knowledge of macrobiotics are infectious and she can surely help anyone learn to address their individual health issues.  One cannot help but feel better just by interacting with Janine.  I only wish I lived closer to her now in order to attend her classes. I wish her all the best in her new venture. 

Christine Rebich
"I met Janine when working at Luna’s Living Kitchen in 2012. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for life. Previous to meeting her, I have dealt with a variety of food allergies that were a major cause of physical issues with my body. She has helped me through teachings and examples of how to correctly care for my body physically and psychologically.
After an intestinal surgery I had because of digestive weakness, and scoliosis, and joint damage, and shallow breathing, and a downhill list of issues, my diet was way out of control. Janine offered to do a consultation with me to help gain my health back. She assessed my entire health history, which gave me lots of answers to the unknowns. 
Through a long and enjoyable dinner at a sushi place as we went over personal macrobiotics, she was able to tell me an incredible amount of information about my body that I didn’t even know. With those variables, she was able to tell me the formulas necessary to keep my body in balance.
Since the consultation, Janine has introduced me to a variety of foods that exist on this earth and gone as far as bringing them to me to try out. Lotus root isn’t something every grocery store has, if it wasn’t for Janine, I would never have experienced it among other foreign vegetables. I feel so much better about my body and understand how it is working together to always find a balance. I am so thankful for Janine for showing me the way!"

Emily Malliet 
Thank you so much for taking the time, attention, and care to help me with restructuring and MINDING my dietary habits. I can honestly say that at first I was resistant to changing anything further about my eating habits, but the advice you gave and offered allowed me something to chew on and mull over. Finally, I came to my senses and have worked slowly to implement many of the valuable nuggets you fed me. I'm being punny, but I'm truly truly thankful that you care about your clients needs, desires, and meet with them on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels to address their issues. The impact your words and advice has made in my life has been further reaching than you may even know. Your passion for your work and your desire to really HEAR what is being SAID is much sought after and for you and your help, I am very grateful!

 Jared Jackson 
I recently lost a bunch of weight. I must say that it was not done in a healthy way, but since the weight was gone I wanted to refocus my body and mind in a healthy way. I knew that food was ultimately the source of my energy so I figured I would start there. This is where Janine comes into the picture. Speaking with her helped me see that a healthy body and mind through a healthy diet was something I could do and not some level of delightedness only achieved by monks. Her commitment to my health and her authenticity with my current eating/lifestyle habits are a testament to how much she loves her work. Talking with her really opened my eyes to what I am capable of.